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Testimonials from some of my past pupils

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Thank you very much for supporting and teaching me new relevant driving techniques required by any learner driver. You have been absolutely punctual, arriving on time and waiting patiently for me, of course after texting to prompt me that you are outside.

You guided me through the driving textbook you gave me, you also gave me feedback on every lesson and even ask me to prepare for the next lesson on certain topics.

You helped me concentrate very well on what to expect in the real driving world particularly the driving test, all of which paid off today FIRST TEST, FIRST TIME PASS. You would relentlessly make the effort to ensure all my manoeuvre exercises were achieved during the lessons, really great.

You are a passionate driving instructor with the drive for success. Your patience and understanding say it all. I will not hesitate to recommend any learner to you and your esteemed driving school for quality and required driving standards to name a few. I wished I had the possibility to present you a bunch of lovely roses to thank you more. I wish you success in your job.


Ruvini is brilliant - she is patient in her approach and provides practical insights on how to approach the test. She is very meticulous and provides her valuable observations so we can make adjustments to how we drive - simple tips such as watching our for one way roads! All in all, very good experience indeed!



I highly recommend learning to drive with Ruvini- she is a patient, knowledgeable and professional instructor and I'm very glad to have had her teaching me.

The lessons were well structured and I received lots of constructive feedback each lesson which gave me confidence on the road. Ruvini was also always on time and flexible with the lesson times.

If anyone is looking for an instructor, you will find Ruvini to be an excellent one!

Rianna Price
I thank you so much for being the best driving instructor I've had! You was so calm, understanding an patient with me and for that I forever grateful. I can tell that you really knew your stuff as you was able to adapt it to meet my learning style to ensure that I understood everything. I feel so confident on the day and even after every lesson as you encouraged and always told me what I could improve on. I will definitely be referring you to whoever I can because I know that you will help them to not just but to be a confident driver.


Ruvini has been an excellent driving instructor from day one. She is consistent throughout her teaching, with excellent time keeping during lessons and complete reliability.

I felt Ruvini identified areas I needed to improve upon clearly throughout my development. This allowed me to prepare each week, working on videos and reading up so that I felt ready before each lesson.

She explained what I needed to work on and was equally good at pointing out what was going well for me. The positive feedback and support allowed me to feel empowered and as my confidence grew so my driving improved.

As well as learning how to be a prepared and smooth driver, capable of doing maneuverers, Ruvini ensured that understanding the importance of safety and identifying real hazards was paramount in everything we did. I feel this will serve me well as an independent driver.

Ruvini is a wonderful and professional teacher. Today I passed my Driving Test first time. Her calm and patient manner has been an excellent base for my learning and I would recommend her to anyone. She is an asset to the LDC driving school and I feel incredibly lucky to have had her as my teacher.

George O'Neil
When I first started to learn to drive I lost all confidence in my ability and decided to stop. Many years later I started again with Ruvini and the results speak for themselves, passed first time with only two minors! As an instructor Ruvini is a relaxed & patient individual that always went the extra mile to help me. She is really passionate about her students and genuinely wants them to do well. I would definitely urge people that are: starting out, switching instructors or have no confidence to give Ruvini a try. I guarantee you will not regret this decision. Hopefully I will see you again in the near future if/when my brother decides to learn! Until then thank you very much!

This is kumar first thing i am really thankful for all your help and patience Really i am too obliged and appreciate for your concern regarding my driving lesson. I can tell you there was a time when i failed my test i nearly give up everything and not ready to start but you didn't give up on me you were there for hope and courage.


The best instructor anyone can wish for. I am a very nervous driver but Ruvini kept calm and myself too at all times. She teaches at a pace to suit you and always with a smile. I really learnt a lot from her and value it and to top it all she encourages and praises to keep one motivated. Extremely recommend her.



Meena Ranjitkumar
Great teacher, benefited every lesson. Couldn’t have done it without your patience and confidence boosts! Will happily recommend you to anyone looking for a decent driving instructor .

Thank you for your proper instructions and guidance during my driving lessons with you. Because of you I was able to pass the test with only few minor faults. You're very punctual and encouraging for me. I'd highly recommend you to my friends and family.

Once again thank you Ruvini for everything. We'll surely meet someday on the road.


I would like to thank you for the excellent learning experience that you have provided me.

You made lessons so easy and stress free. I was not confident before I start the lessons but the way you accelerate the lessons gave me big motivation towards the driving exam. It would have been tedious task to achieve a pass in both theory and practical exams without you.

The learning materials you provide in the lesson are also an additional bonus. Your patience during the lessons is a huge support. Please keep up your excellent support because they are well worth to all the learners.

Thank you Ruvini for your patience and for accommodating my time schedule which I know was sometimes on your day off. I had other instructors before you but you gave me the confidence and guidance that helped me pass. You are the best thank you.



When first started with Ruvini I didn't no is going to work so well, because I had many instructors which didn't work well. But with Ruvini was deferent she made fell confidence and no let me give up always show that I can do it. She is friendly and very kind person I hope all instructors are like her no just thinking on money but in learners felling. Thanks all your time and kindness

Thank you very much for all your help and guidance on getting me through my driving test. I have enjoyed my driving lessons. You are a very supportive fantastic driving instructor.

I highly recommend you to anyone who is learning to drive. I couldn't have done it without your help. Thanks you so much.

I am student of miss Ruvini. Today i pass my practical driving. She teach me very nicely and very good. She is very kind and very honest. Today i pass just because of my teacher miss Ruvini. Because she help me she teach me very good. I always very thankful of my teacher. Thank u so much i really like u and love you.

Ruvini Hicks was a great instructor. I took all my driving lessons with from the beginning to the end and she would always let me know when my next lesson will a couple of days ahead. After every lesson we would go over for a recap, easily understandable and explore areas of improvement for the lesson ahead. She will always commit 100% of her time towards the learner. Overall I had great lessons as she is a passionate instructor about driving and helped me to become a safe driver on the road. I would recommend her to my friends without a doubt.

Ruvini, thank you once a million again and again for helping me pass my driving lesson in the first time. I appreciate how patient and friendly you have been during our lessons together. Also thanks for being so committed to your work always putting more effort of the extra mile to help me succeed, and for listening to me to find different ways for me to throw my bad habit away to help my learning. I miss you and our lessons together, I wish you all the best and keep on your good work.

Ruvini, thank you once again for helping me pass! I appreciate how patient and friendly you have been during our lessons together. Also thanks for being so committed to always putting the extra mile to help me succeed, and for listening to me to find different ways to help my learning. I will miss our lessons together, I wish you all the best and keep in touch!

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